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Add a Personal Touch

Custom pieces give an individual the ability to create a personal touch to any functional, decorative, or gifted piece of art.

Let me help you create the perfect piece!

Add a personal touch to your indoor or outdoor space!

Create pieces that match the colors of your home, add a bright accent piece to spice up a room, or add wall sconces to provide a unique and colorful ambience. There are lots of areas in the home for glass art to enhance your living environment!

              Give the perfect gift

    A custom piece is the most thoughtful expression to any individual. Shown here, catering to a Bride's specific bouquet colors and matching the Groom's suit / tie-- creates a forever  keepsake.

 Sports fans, have fun with serving dishes made with mascots and team colors.  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations.... there are so many ways a piece can be made  to celebrate any special occasion.

Recycle and Renew

Give a new look to any door, with a glass insert to create privacy with design.   Kitchen cabinets, table tops, backsplash..... to outdoor retreat 'shacks'

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