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Original Glass Art


What I Do

My passion is capturing the glass colors, inviting nature to  inspire my creations. I am motivated to share and bring that sense of beauty, light, color, and joy to each person that comes to my art.


Sara Orchard

Sara started working with glass at the age of 14 - making stained glass ornaments. As Sara's journey through life continued, she developed more interest in fabrics and reeds - sewing, upholstery, and basket weaving. She raised her family and ventured back to the medium of glass art.

Sara enjoys all aspects of the glass fusion process - cutting, assembling, kiln-firing several times, and the thrill of each creative piece being presented.

Glass is mesmerizing as light moves and enhances the colors.  Any piece can embellish a home / work environment in many ways....

including a special story or memory.

The Process

Each piece begins with a clear glass as the base. All glass is hand-cut and kiln-fired for 12 hours at up to 1500°F. Once the glass is "fused" together and flat, each piece is then slumped on a mold for 8 hours at a slightly lower temperature than the first fire.


What customers are saying...

Sara was absolutely amazing to work with and so enthused to create the custom platter I wanted for my home. She is so friendly, and professional throughout the process.   Thank you so much, Sara!  I love my new serving platter!

- Anna O.

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